Happy Friday at Jewett!

What's Happening at Jewett:
It has been another fun week here at Jewett!  The Kindness Elf came to visit Mrs. Labrie's class and the children decided as an act of Kindness they would make cards thanking our lunch service ladies. I was so impressed with the kind messages about the great food and the nice service.  I also loved the art work and creativity!  Nice job 1st graders!
The hallways are starting to transform into a collage of seven habit murals for Leader in Me.  The 1st grade team, kindergarten team with Mrs. Trippiedi, and the 2nd grade team have really done an amazing job with the artwork on the walls promoting the seven habits. The other grade level teams are planning and preparing their displays for the very near future.   
The boys and girls basketball teams have started their seasons.  I am so happy to report that both teams are displaying great effort and excellent sportsmanship. The goal of our coaches is to teach the students the game of basketball and of course to have some fun.  Winning at this level is not a priority, it's more about learning how to play and work together as a team.  I am working on sharing with you the schedule for all the games.  I have a hard copy schedule that I need to scan, but the scanner is not working at this time. As soon as we fix it I will get the schedule out to you.
Student Safety:
We continue to have issues with parents dropping off students in the parking lot during the morning hours.  Parents are pulling into the circle at a high rate of speed while children are being dropped off in the wrong locations.  If you are pulling into the circle, please drive slowly with great caution and pull all the way down to the end of the canopy on the right hand side.  Have your child get out of the car on the right hand side so they do not step out into traffic.  Do not pass cars that are in front of you.  Do not pull to the left hand side near the island and drop off.  This causes students to have to cross traffic to get into the building. Also, you must follow the bus rules.  If you pull behind a bus and the stop sign is out you can not pass the bus until the sign is pulled in.  I have requested to have a traffic officer come into the circle for a few days to make sure people are following the rules.  I am very concerned about student safety and ask that we are all as diligent as possible to be looking out for children.  If you have any questions please let me know.
The weather is getting colder and we want to make sure all children are dressed warmly.  We will go outside for recess if the temperature is 20 degrees (we check wind chill factor as well) or above and if there is no rain, snow, etc.  Children who go out to recess must be dressed appropriately. If your child is is need of hats,mittens, or coats please let us know. We have several hats and mittens and some coats that children can have.
Be Prepared:
Report cards will be coming home next Wednesday December 14th.  Please check with your child to make sure you receive a report card.  Please sign and return the report card envelope to the classroom teacher.
The next PTG event will be the Holiday Shop next Thursday December 15th. This is a real festive occasion that puts us all in the Holiday spirit.  Thanks again to all the parents that volunteer to help make this such a special day.  
Just a reminder that Friday December 23rd is a half day for the elementary students only. Dismissal will be at 11:15 am.  
Have a fantastic weekend!
Pete Lubelczyk