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Jewett Student Handbook

Home - School communication is an ongoing, important process.  Notices and class papers will be sent home on Wednesdays in a large envelope.  There will be a place on the envelope for the parent to initial receipt of the envelope, which the student will then return to school the next day.  The purpose of this envelope system is to improve communication between home and school.


Grades K - 5
• Start Time: 8:30 am
• Dismissal:  2:50 pm


Children should not arrive at school prior to 8:15 am because supervision does not begin until that time.  Instruction begins at 8:45.  Students arriving after 8:45 must be accompanied and signed in to the building by a parent or guardian.


Students are dismissed at 2:50 pm daily. Primary students (grades K-2) will be dismissed from the doors of the classroom that are on the Primary playground.  The intermediate students (grades 3-5) will be dismissed from the the front door of the building. Students who take a bus will organize in the gym and will be escorted out of the building to the bus by a staff member.  Students and parents are prohibited from walking in the school driveway and circle area during dismissal time for safety reasons.  This area is reserved for bus traffic only.

Please be prompt in picking up your child at dismissal time.  Students remaining at school after 3:00 pm must be signed out by an adult in the school office.

All children are expected to be in school every day that we are in session. 

1.  It is a School Board Policy that requires parents to notify the school when a child is absent.  This can be done either by a telephone call (624-6336) or a note sent from home with another family member and delivered to the office.  Please make an effort to notify us early in the morning on the day of the absence.
2.  If your child is tardy, he/she must report to the office for an admit slip to class.  Tardiness can be disruptive to the classroom and also have an adverse effect on your child's education progress. 


Cost (2015-2016 School Year) :
Breakfast:      $1.20 a day (*Reduced - .30 cents)
Lunch:           $2.10 a day (*Reduced - .40 cents)
Milk:               .35 cents a day

School lunch is provided for everyone who wishes to purchase it.  Every student will be issued a "debit" card to purchase his or her hot lunch, lunch milk and/or snack milk.

Parents are asked to send in money to be credited to the cards on Mondays.  Checks should be made payable to "Jewett St. School Food Services."  There is no need to indicate which days the child is eating.  The account will be debited on the days they eat hot lunch or get mild when the cashier scans their card.  Low balance notices (below $8.00) and negative balance notices will be sent home in the Wednesday Envelopes.

Ice cream and popcorn money must be kept separate.  This money goes to the classroom teacher, not the cafeteria.  All money sent to the cafeteria will be credited to the student's lunch card.  The cafeteria staff cannot make change.

Breakfast is available daily from 8:15 am to 8:45 am.  Free lunch students are also eligible for a free breakfast.

Please send money in an envelope with the following information on the outside:

            Example:        Child's full name:          John Smith
                                    Homeroom:                  5-Roukey
                                    ID# (if known):             16130111
                                    Amount enclosed:        $20.00

At the beginning of each school year, forms are sent to all families regarding the free and reduced lunch program.  If you qualify, you should complete the application and return it immediately.  If you do not qualify now but your financial status changes during the year, assistance is available by contacting the school office for an application.


If a child is sick or for some other reason cannot attend school, it is the parents' responsibility to do both of the following:
1. Notify the school on the morning of the absence either by telephoning or by sending a note with a brother or sister.
2. Send a note explaining the reason for the absence when your child returns to school.


If school is to be canceled because of bad weather, announcements will be made over the following local radio and television stations: WGIR WZID WFEA WMUR-TV9

The same will be true for delayed openings. If there is a delayed opening everything will start 2 hours later (10:10am). Buses will also run 2 hours later.
2 hour delay
10:10am students are allowed at school
10:10am- students will enter the building
10:20am- students must be in class
After 10:20am students are considered late.


Students who take a bus will receive notification from the School District as to the bus they will take to school, the bus stop location, and the times that the bus will pick up in the morning.  This information will be shared before the start of school. 


When dropping students off at school before 8:20am please do not drive into the circle in front of the school.  Students can be dropped off on Jewett Street at the sidewalk.  If you bring your child to school after 8:20am you must accompany them into the building because they are considered tardy and need a parent of guardian to sign them in.


Parents who are picking up can not park in the circle in the front of the school.  The church next door to the school (Southside Church) allows for Jewett parents to park in the parking lot during dismissal.  It is recommended that you try and park on the side streets (Holly Ave, Vinton Street, etc) rather than park on Jewett Street in front of the school.  Traffic becomes very congested and dangerous at the end of the day.  If you have students in the Primary grades you can meet them outside of the classroom door on the playground.  Intermediate students will be dismissed from the front door of the school.  Please use the front stairs when leaving the school area.  Please use the crosswalks when crossing Jewett Street.  There will be crossing guards at both crosswalk locations.


There will be no parking allowed in the front of the school at any time.  We must keep that area open for emergency vehicles and the safety of the children


All visitors to the school must report to the office before going elsewhere in the building. This includes parents who are picking up their children for appointments or wish to contact their children for any other reason. All volunteers must also sign in at the office and remain in the area of the building relevant to the volunteer activity. All visitors to the building who go beyond the office area must wear name tags indicating their purpose for being in the building - volunteer, maintenance, guest, etc.

If any type of medication is to be taken at school, that medication must be delivered to the school nurse in its original container.

The school must also have a signed statement from the physician who prescribed the medication (forms are available for this), as well as a note from the child's parents giving the nurse or other school personnel permission to administer the medication.


Applications for school insurance are sent home the first week of school. This insurance is available throughout the school year.



Homework is an important part of the educational process. To be effective it requires an integrated effort among teachers, parents, and students. Homework is used to practice learned skills, to develop independent study habits, and to provide a connection between home and school environments.

Assignment Guidelines

Homework should be assigned to all students from kindergarten through grade five.
There should be allowances for the teacher's discretion relative to the type and length of assignments.
In order to build responsible study habits concrete assignments that require the student to return something to school should be given several times each week.
Most homework should be credited, but not necessarily graded.
Long range projects may be assigned as homework and assessed through the grading process. Teachers should check on the progress of long range projects on a regular basis.
Homework should be meaningful and relate to work in the classroom. It should not be busy work.

Suggested Time Frames
The following are recommended as maximum nightly time limits on homework for each grade:

Kindergarten 5 to 10 minutes
Grade One 15 to 20 minutes
Grade Two 30 minutes
Grade Three 30 minutes
Grade Four 60 minutes
Grade Five 60 minutes

Parental Involvement
Parents should be encouraged to give their children guidance with their homework efforts. This guidance might include:
Checking the child's work for neatness and to see that it is completed.
Signing the homework paper or an assignment book.
Communicating regularly with the teacher.
Agreeing to a homework contract with the child and the teacher.