Jewett Student Handbook

Jewett Street School Student/Parent handbook

Jewett Street School

September 5, 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Jewett Street School! This school policy handbook has been prepared to assist you in understanding the expectations of Jewett Street School.

Please read and discuss the information contained in this handbook with your child so that all of you will feel comfortable at school.

We have high expectations at Jewett Street School for both the children’s behavior and for the quality of their work. The child’s education is our number one goal and can best be achieved by the home and school working together toward that goal.

We look forward to sharing a successful school year with you all.


Peter Lubelczyk,

Principal Jewett Street School

Jewett Street School

After School Programs:

Arrangements for your child to participate in an after school program should be made with the individual organization. The organization may arrange a transportation schedule. Jewett School will have an after school program conducted at the school by the Manchester Boys & Girls Club. Please call the Club (625-5982) directly for information and registration.

Announcements Home:

School communication is an ongoing, important process. Notices and class papers will be sent home on Wednesdays in a large envelope. There will be a place on the envelope for the parent to initial receipt of the envelope, which the student will then return to school the next day. The purpose of this envelope system is to improve communication between home and school.

Arrival Time

Children getting breakfast can arrive at school at 8:15 am. Children who are not getting breakfast should arrive at school for 8:30 a.m. because supervision does not begin until that time. Instruction begins at 8:45. Students arriving after 8:45 must be accompanied and signed in to the building by a parent or guardian.

Dismissal Time

Students are dismissed at 2:50 daily. All students will exit from the Main Door, proceed between the white lines and up the stairs. Students and parents are prohibited from walking in the school driveway and circle area during dismissal time for safety reasons. This area is reserved for bus traffic only. 2. Please be prompt in picking up your child at dismissal time. Students remaining at school after 3:00 must be signed out by an adult in the school office.

Attendance Policy

All children are expected to be in school every day that we are in session.

1. It is a School Board Policy that requires parents to notify the school when a child is absent. This can be done either by a telephone call (624-6336) or a note sent from home with another family member and delivered to the office. Please make an effort to notify us early in the morning on the day of the absence. The Manchester School District has a robocall

2. If your child is tardy, he/she must report to the office for an admit

slip to class. Tardiness can be disruptive to the classroom and also have an adverse effect on your

child’s education progress.

3. If a child is present, it is expected that he/she is well enough to participate in all classes, physical education, and outdoor recess. If an illness or other circumstances prevents participation in these activities, a doctor’s note will be necessary.

4. A note from a parent or guardian is necessary when:

A. Student is returning to school after an absence. B. Student must leave school during school hours for any reason other than illness. C. Student is to be dismissed with someone other than a parent or guardian. (This person should be listed on the child’s emergency form) D. Student is leaving school in a different patrol that the one to which he/she is assigned

5. An adult must sign out any student being dismissed from school before regular dismissal. You may do this in the office. Please have some form of identification with you.

Daily Schedule

8:30 Student arrival time into building 8:30-8:45 Instructional recess 8:45 Instruction begins; 8:46 Late bell; 2:50 Dismissal

Grade K & 3

11:25-11:55 Lunch 11:55-12:15 Recess

Grade 1 & 4

12:05-12:35 Lunch 12:35-12:50 Recess

Grade 2 & 5

12:35-1:05 Recess 12:20-12:35 Lunch

Delayed School Openings

All delayed openings will be 2 hour. The children should report for school at 10:30. All morning preschool classes will be canceled. Listen for details on your local AM/FM radio station. Please do not call school to ask if school will be delayed or closed.


Children are expected to adhere to reasonable rules and regulations as established by the school and the child’s teacher. The school board has adopted a CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT, The code defines the rights and responsibilities of the students and the disciplinary options that can be enforced by the principal or teacher when inappropriate student behavior impedes orderly classroom procedures or interferes with the orderly operation of the school.

The CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT can be found on the district website. Please go to, click on the “For Parents” section, scroll down on “Parent Resources” to “Policies and Procedures”.


The school nurse is available daily from 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM. Any illness/accident that occurs while the nurse is present will be evaluated by her. On occasions when the nurse is not available, the office staff will make the appropriate decision to notify parents.


Dogs are not allowed on school grounds during school hours. (8am – 3:30pm)

Emergency Information

Emergency information should be completed as soon as possible. This information is useful should the school need to contact someone during the school day. Your contact person should be aware and agreeable to this responsibility. Should you change jobs or phone numbers during the school year, please provide the school with the information so that our records will always be up to date.


Learning is important and should continue after school hours. The amount of homework will depend on your child’s grade level. The purpose of homework is to help students become self-directing, independent learners. Homework assignments will support clearly defined school and classroom objectives and will be used to reinforce or enhance school experiences. The teachers carefully plan homework and your child should complete this work and return it to school on time.

Students who are removed from school at times other than the scheduled calendar vacations (see enclosed School Board approved calendar) will be given the work they have missed upon their return.

Ice Cream, Spirit Shop & Popcorn

The cost of Ice Cream is 50 cents and Popcorn is 25 cents. The days of the week to be announced. Various school supplies and other articles will be sold in the “Spirit Shop” store. Day/time to be announced.


Please see that your child returns his/her library book promptly and in good condition. Students will be charged for lost books.

Lost and Found Items

All articles are placed in a centrally located “Lost and Found” box. Children are encouraged to look there for any lost items. The children are responsible for the safekeeping of their valuables. Please label lunch boxes/bags and jackets with your child’s name and classroom teacher’s name.


No medication of any kind is to be taken in school unless the NH State Laws are followed. They are listed for your information.

a. A medicine form must be signed by a physician and parent for any and all medications, both prescription and non-prescription (over the counter).

b. One month’s supply of medication should be delivered to the school nurse, principal or principal’s designee by the parent/guardian or responsible adult.

c. All medications must be in the original container, labeled with the student’s name, dose and time to be given.

d. Medications will be administered by the school nurse, principal, or principal’s designee.

e. Self-medication of any kind is discouraged and will be considered the responsibility of the parent. Parents of children who require medication should consult first with the school nurse to develop an appropriate plan for medication administration. In some circumstances, school administrators may require that parents administer medications.

Open House

An Open House to help familiarize parents with your child’s school environment will be held early in September. For individual parent/teacher conferences, appointments must be made with the child’s teacher for a mutually agreed upon time.

Parent Teacher Group

The parent group is called the Parent Teacher Group (PTG). It is an active organization that encourages all parents to participate in school affairs. Please read their information in this folder carefully. (Look for your child to bring home the PTG notices in the Wednesday envelope.)

Parking To insure the safety of these children

NO CARS will be allowed onto the school grounds DURING SCHOOL HOURS. No vehicles, except for buses and cars with handicapped plates, or special permits are permitted on school grounds during school hours unless for an emergency. We must all be concerned with the safety of our students. Traffic congestion, especially during bad weather and at the end of the school day, could cause a serious accident. We encourage parents who drive their children to school to leave them off and pick them up on the school side of the street at the curb so they are not crossing Jewett Street.

Personal Belongings

Please label any items your child brings to school: lunch box and thermos, clothing, coats, boots, etc. Hats may not be worn in the school building. Clothing that promotes alcohol and other drug-related topics are prohibited.

Physical Education

Children should wear sneakers and appropriate clothing on the day their class has physical education.

School Lunch

School lunch is provided for everyone who wishes to purchase it. Every student will be issued a “debit” card to purchase his or her hot lunch, cold lung milk and/or snack milk.

There are two ways to add money to your child’s account. You can add money online. To access this go to the school district website ( and look in the “For Parents” section. There will be directions for you to follow to access the online account. Parents can also send money in to be credited to the cards on Mondays. Checks should be made payable to “Jewett St. School Food Services.” There is no need to indicate which days the child is eating. The account will be debited on the days they eat hot lunch or get milk when the cashier scans their card. Low balance notices (below $8.00) and Negative balance notices will be sent home in the Wednesday envelopes.


Full Price Breakfast $1.30

Reduced Breakfast $0.30

Full Price Lunch $2.40

Reduced Lunch $0.40

Please send lunch money with the following information on the outside:

Example: Child’s full name: John Smith

Homeroom: 5-Williamson ID# (if known): 16130111 Amount enclosed: $20.00

At the beginning of each school year, forms are sent to all families regarding the free and reduced lunch program. If you qualify, you should complete the application and return it immediately. If you do not qualify now but your financial status changes during the year, assistance is available by contacting the school office for an application.

School Reports

Report cards will be sent out three times during the school year.

Progress reports will be issued between report cards. (See district calendar for exact dates)

Spirit Shop

Spirit Shop is a school supply store (folders, pencil/sharpeners/boxed, glue/sticks, etc.) available to students. The prices are kept as low as possible. The spirit shop list and schedule will be issued to all students within the first weeks of school.

Visitors – Parents – Volunteers

Upon entry to Jewett Street School, ALL PARENTS, VISITORS, VOLUNTEERS, must sign in at the main office. Please sign in the appropriate log. This includes parents who have teacher/parent meetings prearranged.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

The Manchester School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability in its programs, activities, employment, or services. In accord with the Americans With Disabilities Act and Section 504, the District does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities.

The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

For ADA or Section 504 inquiries: For all other inquiries:

District ADA/504 Coordinator Assistant Superintendent for 195 McGregor Street Manchester, NH 03102 (603) 624-6300

To review the district calendar please go to the district website: You can click on “Calendars” . You will see a menu for “District Calendars”, “School Day Start and End Times 2018/2019”, and “School Events Calendar”. Click on any of these options to help you find out information in regards to events, days off for students, half days, parent conference days, etc.

To review district policies please go to, click on the “For Parents” section, scroll down on “Parent Resources” to “Policies and Procedures”. When you click on “Policies and Procedures” you will be able to review all school district policies.