Parent Compact

Jewett Street School

Title I Compact


A Home-School compact is a written agreement of shared responsibility and ownership that explains how families, teachers, community members, and administration will work together to make sure all students get the individual support they need to meet or exceed grade level expectations.

As a principal, I will strive to:

  • Believe that each child can meet high expectations

  • Provide a safe and positive environment that allows for open communication among staff, families, and students

  • Provide opportunities for families to be involved in the school and their child’s education

As a teacher, I will strive to:

  • Believe that each child can meet high expectations

  • Encourage students to become active participants in their learning

  • Respect and value the uniqueness of each child and his or her family

  • Provide a safe environment that promotes active learning

  • Document ongoing assessment of each child’s academic progress

  • Maintain open lines of communication with students and families

  • Demonstrate professional behavior and a positive attitude

  • Support each child in reaching his or her fullest potential

  • Help children resolve conflicts in a positive, nonviolent way

As a parent/guardian, I will strive to:

  • Believe my child can meet high expectations

  • Ensure that my child attends school and is on time every day

  • Support the school in developing positive behaviors in my child

  • Provide a quiet place for my child to complete homework assignments

  • Participate in parent-teacher conferences, open house, and school events

  • Talk with my child about his or her school activities each day

  • Encourage my child to read at home by reading with my child and by reading myself

  • Show my child I value education by teaching them important self care habits and encouraging healthy snacks

  • Equip my child with the proper supplies

  • Model respect and support for my child, staff, and the school community

  • Help my child resolve conflicts in a positive, nonviolent way

As a student, I will strive to:

  • Achieve high expectations

  • Show respect for myself, my school, and other people

  • Attend school every day

  • Follow all school and classroom rules

  • Always try to do my best in my work and my behavior

  • Come to school prepared with my homework and supplies

  • Resolve conflicts in a positive, non violent way