Student General Supplies List

School Supplies List

Kindergarten Classes:

1 plastic pencil box

1 package of washable markers

Labeled lunch box or bag, labeled separate snack box or bag, labeled backpack

4 glue sticks

2 boxes of tissues

2 one-subject notebooks

1 container of disinfectant wipes

Labeled backpack and lunchbox

Labeled earbuds and a change of clothes

3 composition notebooks (labeled with name), 3 folders with pockets (labeled with name)

If you are able to donate, these are some items we could use: plastic spoons, sandwich bags, 1 gallon ziplock bags, playdoh.

1st Grade Classes

1 pair of blunt scissors

glue sticks

crayon box/pencil box


tissues (classroom donation)

clorox wipes (classroom donation)

*please label everything, thank you

2nd Grade Classes

1 box #2 pencils (to share with the class)

1 box 24 crayons

1 pencil box (hard or soft)

1 special folder for homework (any kind of folder, child's choice)

2 spiral notebooks

Wish list: tissues, clorox wipes, dry erase markers

3rd Grade Classes

plastic snap shut pencil box

3 two-pocket folders

dry erase markers

manual pencil sharpener

crayons (24 pack or less)

markers (8 pack)

glue sticks

tissues for the class

disinfectant wipes

4th Grade Classes

glue stick

crayons, colored pencils, markers (both thick and thin)



1 pocket folder

soft, zippered supply case (boxes take up a lot of room)


1 single subject notebook

1 box of tissues

1 highlighter

post-it flags (1/2" by 2" size)

post-it notes (3" by 3" size pad)

5th Grade Classes

5 3-hole punched pocket folders (all different colors)

2 3-ring binders, at least 1 1/2"

1 pack of wide ruled white lined paper

6 subject dividers

pencil case or pouch

scissors (initial with permanent marker)

thin colored markers (8 pack is fine)

blue, green, purple, red, etc. pens (3 of any color just not black)


Nice to have: colored pencils, 2 different colored, highlighters, thin black and thick black permanent markers, sticky notes, sharpener, glue sticks, cap or big erasers, 3-hole puncher that fits inside binder

Teacher wish list: tissues, sanitary wipes, gallon plastic bags, dry erase markers

This is a general list. When your child receives a "Welcome Letter" from their new teacher in mid-August, the letter will have a more specific supply list. This list will help you to get started!